Saiga 12 vs Saiga 7.62×39

We had the chance to compare and photograph a Saiga 12 shotgun made by Saiga (Izhmash) in Russia. This one is currently sold by Arms of America in Flagstaff, AZ And was modified by Ewbank Mfg in Winslow, AZ to use the standard AK pistol grip and trigger. AK47

Modified Russian Saiga 12 vs Saiga 7.62×39

found on the gas cylinder is a front sight and found on the gas tube is a rear sight. The rail for accommodating the optical sight is provided in every version. The Saiga-410 features a changeable choke tube. The Saiga-410 autoloading shotguns are designed for professional and sport hunting small and medium-sized game. The shotgun features the. 410-ga barrels with chambers, providing for shooting shot and slug, including Magnum. The shotshell length is 3". The shotguns are developed on the base of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and demonstrate reliability under harshest conditions of servicing.


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