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How to remove the wood handgrip from the gas tube of AK47

This quick video shows how to remove the wood from the gas tube on an AK47.

It’s a twisting motion that pivots the round wood handguard from the gas tube with no tools needed. Sometimes this is so tight you’ll need to hold the gas tube in a vise and twist the wood handguard with both hands

We made this video Jan 24, 2006

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RPK Parks Kit vs the Romanian AKM Parts Kit

One of our sponsors, Arms of America gave us the opportunity to review some AK47 parts kits. Here we review the Romanian RPK parts kit with a Romanian AKM (AK47) Parts Kit. . Both started life as military rifles, each were at some point removed from service and eventually chopped into parts, then shipped to the US and were sold by the guys at Arms of America (no longer available)

Romanian RPK 7.62x39 Parts Kit. In real good condition with wear and minor use marks on the furniture. Barrel is Chrome Lined Romanian AKM 7.62x39 Parts Kit. All matching numbers. This kit was hand picked to use to compare because it is in what looks like unused condition

RPK Parks Kit vs the Romanian AKM Parts Kit


AK47 Parts Kits, Magazines and Rifles for sale

AK47 rifles for sale at Arms of America.

These Saiga sporterized AK47 rifles are intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. The rifles are developed on the base of the venerable Kalashnikov assault rifle and chambered for .223 REM., 7.62×39 and the .308Win (7.62×51) cartridge.

The Arms of America, LLC. Mission is to provide you with an honest and affordable purchasing experience, through our professional service team.

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Yugo Underfolder Kit- M70AB2- $469.99
AK parts kit, M70AB2, 7.62 x39, complete less receiver, BRAND NEW, never assembled with factory new hammer forged barrel and all the parts pictured including the rails and rivets, with grenade sight. Beautiful teak wood, includes night sights.  Place your order now to get one of the last kits to come in country with the original Yugoslavian Barrel.
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Polish Tantal Parts kit and finished rifle

We compare a Polish Tantal Parts kit and finished rifle. These are a very unique AK version and it’s parts are as different as the look. These are hardly even the same rifle as the AK47 they are versions of.

Polish Tantal Parts kit and finished rifle

The Tantal or wz 88 is one of the more distinctive AK versions. With it's unique front end and handguards. It is an AK74 not an AK47 so it uses the 5.45 x 39 mm ammo that replaced the 7.62x39 ammo in the 90's