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Shooting the Ewbank Mini AK47 Pistol

Sure we can all see what it looks like already, but HOW DOES IT SHOOT??
We took it out to shoot it at South East Regional Park (SERP) in Tucson, AZ.

We shot about a hundred rounds, passing it around to let a variety of shooters give it a try. Most were similing or laughing when they finished all had nothing but good things to say about it. I wasn’t selling them or asking for quotes for this article, I was simply asking their opinion of it. This little guy is loud don’t assume it’s quiet because it’s small. It quickly gets the attention of the shooters with it’s bark. Because the barrel is so short, the powder that would normally be burning inside the barrel comes out the barrel on fire, so you get these massive clouds of flame that bellow out the barrel slow enough to be seen easily in bright Arizona sunlight.
We shot it at the berm on the pistol side of the range this is about 60 yards from the firing line. All the testers were able to pick rocks and hit them while aiming. From the hip, which everyone preferred, most were able to walk the shots in on their target easily

We made this video in June, 2006

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