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Romanian RPK

A quick look at an AES-10, Romanian RPK. This is the AK47 on steroids, a longer barrel, bi-pod, different stock and an enhanced receiver and trunnion

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RPK Parks Kit vs the Romanian AKM Parts Kit

One of our sponsors, Arms of America gave us the opportunity to review some AK47 parts kits. Here we review the Romanian RPK parts kit with a Romanian AKM (AK47) Parts Kit. . Both started life as military rifles, each were at some point removed from service and eventually chopped into parts, then shipped to the US and were sold by the guys at Arms of America (no longer available)

Romanian RPK 7.62x39 Parts Kit. In real good condition with wear and minor use marks on the furniture. Barrel is Chrome Lined Romanian AKM 7.62x39 Parts Kit. All matching numbers. This kit was hand picked to use to compare because it is in what looks like unused condition

RPK Parks Kit vs the Romanian AKM Parts Kit


Egyptian Maadi RPK

An Egyptian RPK style AKM converted to look authentic

A Maadi RPK style AK47 was imported with a thumbhole stock. This example has two unique markings on the receiver and rear sight block.

The internals were updated to US made parts and the thumbhole stock was replaced with this Romanian RPK stock set. Some trimming was required as the Romanian RPK is a true RPK with heavy (thicker) barrel

Egyptian Maadi RPK