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How to Take Apart the AK47 Underfolder Stock

Taking apart the AK47 underfolding stock is a mess. Don’t take it apart unless you really have to. If you do here is a quick, well 9 minute run through of the steps.

We made this video in June, 2006

AK47 How To video from

Another video review by:

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M70 AB2

Another version of the Yugo underfolder AK47 this time by Century International. this one has a full set of US black plastic furniture

Yugo M70 AB2 Underfolder

We had a chance to review and take pictures of a Yugo underfolder from Century Intl..


WASR 10/63 UF

Here are some pictures of this new edition to the WASR-10 line of AK47s. An AKM underfolder

Romanian AKM Underfolder WASR 10/63 UF

Saw one of these the other day and took some pictures. This is an underfolder but it would be difficult to find many positive features on this one.

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